Terms of use

What is provided during the session:

Towels, bath towels and towels in the room L’ESCALE

Products for the shower, shampoos, hair dryer.

You are also offered: fresh water, juice, tea, coffee, fruit and sweets.


What is optional:

Other drinks. See the card


What are the payment method?

You can pay with your credit card.

On site we accept credit card and cash.



It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the spaces according to the decree n° 2006-1386 of November 15th, 2006 fixing the conditions of application of the prohibition of smoking in the places visited for collective use.

A terrace is available in the room l’ESCALE

The private spa is reserved for adults.

Groups of minors must be accompanied by at least one adult, or a person of full age must stay in the spa while waiting.


How to make a reservation?

By phone at, a warning will be required by credit card.

On the spot, at 204 rue faidherbe 59260 hellemmes lille.

On the website https://spa-prive-lille.fr/ via our online calendar. You will then have the choice to pay 50% or the totality of your order.


Booking with a gift card:

Check our schedule online and call us at to confirm your reservation.


Conditions of modification or cancellation:

Reservations can be modified up to 72 hours before your session.

Beyond, your deposit or account will be cashed AND. You can subscribe, during your order, a cancellation insurance which allows you to modify or cancel your reservation. In case of cancellation, the amount of your order will be refunded by check. The amount of insurance will not be refunded. Amount of cancellation insurance: 7 €.

With your cancellation insurance, you have the option to cancel up to 8 hours before your appointment, otherwise your deposit will be cashed.


Gift cards

Our gift cards are valid for 6 months. They are not nominative. You can choose: Either determine a value in euros deductible from a benefit. Either determine a benefit that you want to offer worthless on the gift card.


What are the hygiene measures?

Each private area contains showers and soap, we ask our visitors to respect the rules of hygiene and soap before using the equipment.

30 min and a time to disinfect on the equipment refold to customer contact.

The water in each spa is filtered continuously and continues up to 6 times per hour.

Automatic regulation analyzes, processes and regulates the chlorine level. We respect the renewal and change of water imposed by the Regional Health Agency.

We use softened water for more comfort


What are the contraindications for a spa?

The contraindications are:

  • Heart problems.
  • Pregnant women
  • Varicose veins
  • Serious back problems
  • Allergy to iodine

The hot steam of the hammam and the heat of the sauna cause the heart rate to increase, change the blood circulation, and cause a slight increase of the body temperature.

The sauna that uses the principle of forced sweating against certain medical treatments. It is therefore contraindicated in people with heart problems, hypertension or hypotension, circulatory problems, diabetes, … the treatment of certain dermatological conditions. If you have any medical peculiarities, consult your doctor for advice. a nominative medical certificate is required to access the spa



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